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6 Tips I Followed To Grow My Hair Faster Naturally.



I know ladies, gorgeous, thick, and shiny hair is the ultimate desire of each one of us.

We all want long and healthy hair, grown naturally, but hair care is not the easiest task to do nowadays, we are having our most stressful days, hectic work schedules, an immensely polluted environment, and no patience at all. Even the products full of chemicals that we use daily on our hair are not helping. Yes, girls, the struggle is real and I bet you can relate to it.

In this article, we’ll help you with essential tips that may grow your hair into an inch and a half each month, so here are the super easy and effective natural steps you should take to improve your hair strength and growth faster:

1- Do not shampoo your hair every day:

The shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil. But if it’s overused, it can damage your hair and strips the important oils the scalp produces, and can leave the hair and scalp too dry.

The number of times you should use shampoo per week varies depending on your hair type.

If it’s thicker, you can get away without washing your hair for a few days, while thinner hair types may find their hair feels greasy even after one day. In such cases, dry shampoo can work wonders in soaking up excess grease.

2- Pay attention to the temperature:

Remember to be very careful about the temperature of water while washing it.

Ideally, you should use the coolest water temperature possible when washing your hair to get that desirable shining. Using water that’s too hot can make your hair dry and frizzy, eventually causing damage.

3-What your hair need is oils:

Oils are essential for your hair to maintain its strength and to keep growing healthily; these three amazing oils will save your life!

Avocado oil: softens, nourishes, and moisturizes your hair. You can mix it with coconut oil, heat the mix-up, and apply it to your hair before washing it, your hair will thank you for it!

Argan oil: this oil has a regenerating effect on your hair. You can use it instead of the conditioner; it has a beautiful smell and is responsible for hair length.

Coconut oil: it helps redeems the damage to your hair and regain it’s natural and vitality.

4. Boost your nutrient profile:

What we eat and what we don’t eat can have a remarkable impact on our hair.

Specific vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are especially important for your overall health and also play a key role in providing your body with the energy needed for hair growth. This includes Biotin, zinc, iron, vitamins E, D, C omega-3, and omega-6.

5- Spoil yourself with a scalp massage:

A scalp massage can help promote blood circulation and relaxation, it can also relieve stress. But, according to a small 2016 study trusted Source, it may also help boost the health of your hair.

The study examined the effectiveness of daily, 4-minute scalp massages. After 24 weeks, the researchers found that the nine men involved in the study had thicker hair than at the start.

6-Trim Your Split Ends Regularly:

I know, we have all heard this at least once in our lives. Is it really a myth?

Damaged split ends and is necessary for natural, healthy growth. If left untreated, split ends can work their way up the shafts of your hair strands and cause even more breakage and damage, which means the only thing growing will be your frustration.

You only need to trim anywhere from every two to six months.

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