Biggest Red Flags In A New Relationship You Shouldn’t Ignore.

3 min readDec 19, 2020

As we all know, when we are so deep into someone we only focus on them and how to make them like us back, but along the way we ignore the biggest signals that the universe keep sending us, and that could actually protect us from all the negativity and toxicity that will consume us off guard.

Here are the red flags you shouldn’t be ignoring when getting into a new relationship:

Trust your intuition; trust your instincts. because they are always true.

Whatever you’re feeling about this person deep down is probably true, even when you don’t wanna admit it to yourself. If you find yourself suffering from feelings of regret, emptiness and confusion, you’re defintely with the wrong person.

Someone who makes you question your worth or leave you feeling unwanted and left behind is someone you should avoid at all costs.

If they do these things repeadtly: lying, acting cold and distant, only talk to you when they need something, blame you for things that are out of your control. You should stay as far as possible from them.

If they constantly make you feel like you are the bad guy, when in fact you have not did anything wrong.

Stay away from people who get angry at you for the smallest unreasonable things, especially who gets angry with you for being upset over something they’ve done to you. They usually do that so they won’t have to apologise.

Stay away from people who manipulate you into getting their way by bringing up your past. It is so toxic.

Stay away from narcissists, they have a hard time respecting boundaries and accepting different points of view. You will find yourself pressured into talking or doing things that are out of your comfort zone.

When you are the only one that is taking the initiative, you feel like you are doing all the chasing by making plenty of efforts that rarely seems to be reciprocated. This is when you know that you are with the wrong person.

When you are the only one that is interrested in knowing every single detail about your partner, you find yourself the only one who is asking questions and wanting to get to know more of them. This is when you know that you are with the wrong person.

These constant mistreatments and negative actions will affect your mental well being and can often make you question yourself, they will also destroy the foundation of your self-esteem.

You decided to read this for a reason, trust that reason.

Whoever is reading this now, I hope you can find the peace in being alone and protecting your mental health rather than being with the wrong person.

Finding real love and the right person means letting go of those who intend to hurt you.

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