One Day In Romania: Where To Go?.

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Dear globe explorers, I hope the corner of the world you are discovering right now is giving you the satisfaction that you’re seeking.

Travel is what I do for living, being a cabin crew takes me to different places every single time offering me the opportunity to explore a new culture, traditions and remarkable landscapes.

This time I landed in bucharest or also known as “ little Paris”. The capital and the largest city in Romania, it is described as the cultural, financial, entertainment in the country with substanial effect.

One Day In Bucharest:

What did I do ? And where did I go in my short layover in Bucharest?.

Bucharest or as it known as “ Paris of the east” for it’s elegant architecture and lively atmosphere, it’s a city brimming with history and culture and that what mostly caught my attention. For me, I live for historical buildings and old palaces which are full of tales of the old era.

My journey was based mostly on visiting palaces near the area and most iconic bildings of the city. I commenced with the ‘ Cantacuzino castle’ which sound familiar to the Wednsday Show fans. Yes! it is the castle that the netflix famous show was filmed at.

The Cantacuzino Castle is situated in Bușteni, 2 hours drive from the city, in the Zamora district, on the street bearing the same name. The building has a great architectural, historical, documentary and artistic value.

The building, whose construction was completed in 1911, was conducted by the architect Grigore Cerchez. The castle was placed on the site of an old hunting lodge that the prince’s family had used as a halt during their pilgrimages to Brașov.

You defiently need to go on the road and go live this enriching experience in such charming building with breathtaking views.

Peles palace :

Peles palace, another architectural gem that I had the oppurtinity to visit. Nestled amidst the carpathian mountains in Sinaia. the castle stands as architectural magnificence and royal opulence.

Built during the late 19th century, Peles Castle was commissioned by King Carol I of Romania and designed by the renowned German architect Johannes Schultz. Its picturesque location at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains adds to it’s allure, making it a castle straight out of a fairytale.

The castle’s interior is equally impressive, with opulent rooms adorned with intricate woodwork, stained glass windows, and exquisite paintings. Visitors are often left in awe as they explore the grandeur within its walls.

Peles Castle is surrounded by lush, terraced gardens that add to its charm. Visitors can explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, complete with fountains, statues, and picturesque paths. The castle’s park extends over 22 hectares and features both manicured lawns and wild forested areas, providing an ideal setting for leisurely strolls.

Going back to the city after an amazing exploring of royal architecture, we headed back to the city, had a walk in the fresh breeze of bucharest nights passed by the second heaviest buildings in the world which is palace of the paraliament, one of the most collosal structures in romania and a testament to it’s communist past.

We explored the old town then headed to one of the oldest and most remarkable restaurants in the city, when I got there I was surprised how many people are waiting outside just to get a seat and try the traditional food in this restaurant.

Cracu bere: The Soul Of Bucharest.

With a history of more than 130 years, Caru’ cu bere was and still is a symbol of Buchares’ts old town, being the favourite meeting spot both for the locals as for foreign tourists. With a blend of dancing, good music and delicious traditional food, this place’s interior also have a charm.

The Caru’ cu bere building was built in Neo-Gothic, after Zigfried Z. Kofczinski’s and Al. The vaulted ground floor in Neo-Gothic style is richly decorated with paints, stained glass, mosaics and carved panelings.

Dear readers, we have reached the end of this blog. Don’t forget to add these places to your bucket list.

I had ana mazing layover in Romania and I hope you will do too!

Note: all pictures are taken by me.

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